Violin or Fiddle


Violins are known for use in orchestral settings. In this kind of folk music, they are called fiddles. Often we are asked, "What is the difference between a violin and a fiddle?" The answer is basically nothing. The music is the difference. However, there can be some differences if you choose to set them up. Sometimes fiddlers like to have a bridge that is a bit more flat than a violinst would have. Also, some fiddlers like to have steel strings to give a brighter sound. Basically, though, it is the playing techniques that make fiddling sound like fiddling.

Nisha has a violin that was made in 1891. It is a JTL Geronemo Barnabetti. And Oh! does she make it sound like a fiddle. Joanne's violin is an AR Seidel 131 1991. I have tried to find information and a link on AR Seidel but can only find that he was a German Luthier that made Stradivarious violin copies. And Marsha, as a wannabe fiddle player, has a little Chinese violin she bought at a hock shop. Dave leaves the fiddle playing to his daughter in their family band, "Outnumbered".