History of Firewood Band


Firewood Band began in 2002 with three members Nisha Harman, Ray Miller, and Marsha McBride. We tried out for the honor of playing on the porch of the Andrus house at This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City. This soon worked into playing for pioneer trek dinner and dancing experiences held at the park. As time progressed we played for many of the events held in the park.

This is the Place Heritage Park is located at the mouth of Emmigration Canyon across the street from Hogle Zoo. It opens on Memorial Day and closes on Labor Day. However the park is open to walk through all year round. Their major days of celebration are Labor Day, Fourth of July, Twenty-fourth of July, Harvest Days, and Candlelight Christmas.

Firewood Band has also played for a pleathora of people and organizations. We have played background for dinners, dinner and square/folk dancing, and stand up performances.