Spoons are simply two spoons held together with their bowls back to back in such a way that they can hit one another and create a percussive sound. They are held in this manner. The spoons are grasped between the thumb and second or middle finger with the index finger in between them. They are then balanced up the handle of the spoons in such a way so they can evenly rock back and forth to alternately hit the bowl or the end of the handle. They are then rapped upon the knee and other hand or anything else you choose to rap them upon creating various rhythms.

Spoons have been used all over the world to make percussive sounds. To begin with, any kind of spoon was used. And today, still, any kind can be used. When you play spoons, you will find that different weights, materials, or sizes fit your hand and personality better. Modernly, different musical companies have created spoons that are connected together at the ends of the handles, thus removing the need to place them balanced in your hand. They are now made commercially from metal and wood. Different materials and shapes make different sounds. Some are connected at the ends and some are not.

A cool kind of instrument similar to spoons are the bones. These usually are made from rib or leg bones of an animal. They are shaped and polished so they are well balanced and comfortable to use. Bones were, no doubt, used before spoons. The method of use is the same. Sometimes wood is shaped to look like bones.