A stand up bass is a must for bluegrass music. The cello bass is usually used in a string orchestra or quartet. When in these arenas, they are usually bowed. But with folk, and bluegrass, pizzicato is the method usually used. Dave plays a hot running bass line behind the music.

Marsha bought one when the band began. It is an inexpensive but really nice sounding Cremona 3/4 she had shipped into Utah in 2003 and then had to have rebuilt as it suffered the effects of Utah's dry air. Dave owns a Kay, 1949 that we usually use because it has a fabulous sound. He has put really nice LaBella 7710 strings on it. Because he is a leather worker and the bass has chipped edges from being used so much, Dave edged his bass with tooled leather. It's a great bass! Both Nisha and Joanne play the bass but do not own one.