Mandolins are similar to violins in that they are tuned the same. However, while the violin has four strings, the mando has eight. While the violin has an unfretted finger board, the mandolin has frets like a guitar. The mandolin is small like a violin but is held like a guitar instead of under the chin like a violin. The violin uses a bow to produce sound unless you use the pizzicato style for a stylistic effect. The mandolin is played with a pick.

Dave has a lovely handmade mando. The brand is Lee and it is the third one made. He has developed a fine style of playing on his mandolin. Joanne is our hottest mando player on her Morgan Monroe MAM 200 A style and just obtained a Morgan Monroe F style that has a plug in. Marsha recently purchased a J Bovier F5 Tradition and messes around with it hoping to say that someday she can play it. Nisha has declared that she will learn the mando when her children are older.