The most common guitar used in folk, old time, and bluegrass music is the steel six string guitar. There are several other styles of guitar and through the years people have invented some very original styles of guitar.

Dave uses a D28 Martin, 1973 in the band. He is a fabulous flat picker and often does licks and breaks in the music. Joanne plays an Alvarez RB. She is a fabulous folk singer writing much of her own music. Marsha owns a D16GT Martin, 2003. She can back up almost anything and is learning to flat pick. Marsha owns a Fender Villager twelve string vintage 1967. She uses it sometimes in the band when they are indoors but has found that when we play outside at the Park, with the temperature fluxuating so often, that it is hard to keep in tune. Nisha is learning the guitar on her Samick and doing very well. Toni plays a Seagull S6 guitar. Ray plays a Washburn.