Ray Miller



Ray Miller hails from Pueblo, Colorado. He has an heritage that comes from the old southern parts of the country such as Bunkum County, North Carolina. So he comes by his fiddling talents honestly. He began playing as a young boy spurred on by his father who urged him continually to practice. As a young man, he played in bands for dances and other events. He even played in a mariachi band. Ray's favorite fiddle, "Sticks" belonged to his grandfather. It was rescued from a fire and given to him by his grandmother. The name Firewood Band came to be because Ray plays "Sticks" so fast, we were worried the fiddle would catch on fire. He has a wide library of music in his memory and in his possession that allows him to play for any event. He excells on the fiddle, guitar, and mandolin. Ray moved to Salt Lake City early in 2002. Late in 2007, Ray was involved in an industrial accident. He has needed to be involved in several surgeries and has not played with the band since. We do miss his talents and fine spirit.